About Waey: Non-profit organization licensed by the National Center for Developments of non-profit sector since 2019 under N0. 1405, at a national level of catchment area with main office at Riyadh City.

As a recognized and prominent association in the public health intervention programs, Waey is committed to address health risks, diseases and epidemics prevention & participate in Community Surveys and, researches in addition to carrier development among health care students & professions with focusing on practical field work training.

Our Vision: Leadership and excellence in providing preventive health services to the general community.

Our Mission: Providing preventive and educational voluntary health services to the community through qualified professionals, effective programs and influential Partnerships.

Our Values: Professionalism, Transparency, Cooperation & Proactivity

• To disseminate the culture of volunteering among healthcare practitioners.
• To contribute in the provision of preventive, rehabilitative and public health services to the community.
• To develop the skills of young students & junior graduates of health specializations.
• To contribute in the public health researches and Surveys.
• To contribute in prevention of spread of chronic diseases and epidemics among the community.
• To raise the level of health awareness in the community through qualified healthcare practitioners.

Waey providing the various activities through:
• Community field work health related activities
• Online platforms for training, awareness activities and consultation services.
• CME & CPD training activities licensed by Saudi Council of health Specialization.
• Mobile Preventive Clinics & Campaigns
• Providing consultation services and project management in: Health need assessment, Strategy development, health program designing, writing health education & promotion contents for awareness campaigns and Social media utilization.
• Waey Club for public health & Epidemiology researches.
• Participating with different partners in their training, educational, and preventive activities.

For more information:

Email: [email protected]
Mobile & WhatsApp: +966550984666

website: www.waey.org.sa
Linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/company/waey-association/
twitter: @waeysociety